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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #30 : Helmikuu 11, 2019, 15:43:35 »
Great work on the lights.

The paintjob also looks superb, lots of gloss and the color is spot on.

Can't wait to see the car finished! :)

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #31 : Helmikuu 12, 2019, 00:26:49 »
Thanks Nugget!!!

this week we should install the engine and gearbox. On the next week perhaps we have the car near finished...not many parts to put, only tunning and fine tunning!
In DATSUN we Trust!

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #32 : Maaliskuu 05, 2019, 15:41:14 »
Hi folks,
Here are some up-grades on the Z.
I’m getting tired…the Z has so many detailZ…and I need to ride the car…I know when the resto will be concluded the effort will be forgotten but until then…
On the past 2 weeks we have done some body work and assemble mostly structures on doors, bumpers and small details.
We had an issue with the front windshield, perhaps I’ve to look for a new one, and on the rear hatch glass in order to avoid problems, I bought a new rubber from Nissan.
The tunning on panels is very hard to do, on my B110 was simple and easy, but not this one…even the locks aren’t closing totally, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…well…all will be solved…I think!!!
Tomorrow the engine and gear box will be mounted and hope that on Saturday will be running…let’s see. To finish some trouble, the electric system has to be redone too…
Let’s see the upgrades…

Assembling the bumpers…

Side rubbers.

Schuteons and rubbers.

Ready to fit…

On the car.

Before we had put in place the front lip.

Now the right door….

New handles…

Locks and handles…

Before we placed the window some care was took no the top of the doors…


And completed with trims…is missing the interior. Maybe next weekend!

New Datsun symbols on the guards.

The brakes system had to be revisioned. I stared with the bracket and rubber. My car didn’t have the bracket for the valve, now it’s complete again!

New parts…

Ready to use!

We decided to try the center console because tomorrow will receive the engine.
There is a little issue, I guess easy to solve, my Z had the 3rd series center console, but it wasn’t correct, and when I tried this one, the series ½ the bolts miss the bracket for 4 cm’s. Is the center console small? Something isn’t right for sure, but I’ll try to check what’s going wrong.
Have you changed the center console? What differences can we find on mounting the screws?
I love this “downgrade” to the original…
Here it is…


Now is going to sleep until receive her “heart” again…

Hope you enjoy it.

In DATSUN we Trust!

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #33 : Huhtikuu 03, 2019, 21:19:28 »
 Hi Mário,

 Your Datsun looks great! I have quite weird question to you..  :-[ Have you any experience a company which name is JesCarClassic ? They have for sale older car parts but they don´t want to do business outside of Portugal. Have you there some problem sale parts to outside of Portugal? I try to buy old Toyota seals but they can´t sale parts outside of Portugal. Now they update those web sites..

Ei autossa radiota tarvi, ahtimen(mien) vihellys on musiikkia korville!

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #34 : Huhtikuu 18, 2019, 15:31:34 »
Hi everybody!
Here I am on the Easter holyday…I’m tired fo working on the car…but is almost done. I hope the car will be ready soon! At least It is working, it brakes and I’ve tried it…almost 2 years since the beginning of the resto.
At this moment there are only small details to finish like the interior, centre console and many many more other parts…some are on its way!
Aside a broken windshield, a broken door during the assembling, it’s time to relax and make everything carefully…this is such a puzzle!!!
The rubbers got installed and the windshield and hatch were fitted…I had to buy original rubbers…the ones from precision brand weren’t as good as they said! On the rear hatch it misses for 2cm each side, and on the front the gap was huge on the upper right.
Tuning the hood was easy…but damn…the door latch is tricky as hell!!! It didn’t close until I discover that the inside handle and its main cable has some adjustment. I was desperate to lock the door, the driver’s side only…I hope now all works for life,,,ahahaha…

Let’s wait for the end of the resto…meanwhile…

This was the starting point 1 month ago, last time I worked on it


Centre console

Changing shop…

The day was very cloudy and even the car is outside, the colour doesn’t shine as it should be…

L24 on the way…


Then we assembler the differential, fluids, bolts and substitute all the rubbers.

Final result…but the starter will be replaced…this one is stopping once in a while…

The electric system…now getting back to 71…I think the car is very happy…agagagag

The seat belts…

The vent ducts were missing when I bought the car…now they are part of the car again.

These rubber caps were made by my father….they are better than the original…

The splash is awesome…a great detail…

The windshields….

On the front…


People that collaborated during the process…

Windshield wipers are now working…awesome…

Top cowl grill got installed too…

The side lids…

Final results…

Tuning the hood with new stoppers..


Hood tuning…what a hard task!!!

Final result…

The car is almost ready…I bet tomorrow will be just missing the interior…for sure I’ll be driving it…

Hope you enjoy these last works on the car…


Jani: I don't know anyone at that shop, perhaps some kind of local seller! Really don't know! But please be carefull, in Portugal there are people we can't trust, many burglars that create false companies to scam people, hope this one isn't this kind. I can send parts outside Portugal, no problem at all, but as you can state sometime the shipping price isn't attractive. Do you need something in Particular? If you need parts, toyota, Datsun and other please text me, ok! I'll help you as much as I can, ok! This is the spirit!!! Regards.
In DATSUN we Trust!

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #35 : Kesäkuu 01, 2019, 16:34:44 »
Hi again!
The car runs and drives very good…but I’m moving it to another shop for the past details.
The tunings will not be deep, but will consist in verifying the electrical system with the addition of new connectors, recovering a corner on the dash, applying the centre console, tuning the front bumpers and correcting the leather parts on the back!
The wheels will be recovered into the original charcoal colour!
These works will make the car looks better and will make me rest fine…I’m tired of waiting…

Let’s go to the works:

Interior glass trim.

Hood latch

Almos tone hour to aplly the mirror…

Gearbox insulator applied…

New interiors…worked very good!!!

Some details…

The plate gate arrived and was apllied.

I state the fuel rail wasn’t the correct for the 71 generation…so, I applied a correct one!


Some more details…

Here is the result befere went home!

Filling up the tank…so great…

At home…near the 510 SSS

Hope you liked it…let’s wait 15 days to get it completely done!!!


In DATSUN we Trust!

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #36 : Kesäkuu 01, 2019, 20:32:59 »
Sick awesome!

BR, Mika
Datsun 100A 1.4 turbo injection intercooler
+ vaihteleva määrä muita 100A Datsuneita

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Vs: Datsun 240Z - 1971 Blue Metallic 903 - Resto
« Vastaus #37 : Joulukuu 23, 2019, 22:06:03 »
Hi friends,
The Z is still on the mechanic, I think this year, 2019, will finish the resto! I hope!!!ahahahha
The ca ris almost done, the exceptions are related to some metal work and the systems that have to be revisioned like the brake system, fuel system. The interiors need some detail attention and that’s it…sound a bit like quick things, but it’s not!
But the car already has the MOT and left the garage for a marriage…ahahahah…
Let’s see the photos…


The car waiting for the original wheels…still watanabe…

Preparing the centre caps for the Kobe Seiko wheels…

Changing to the original shape!

MOT…nothing to say…zero problems…

Arriving home, 5:00 AM…and what a ride…tons of problems… hard rain, fog and tons of waterplanning…

Waiting for the married friends…

And the bride’s kidnaping…ahahahahah

Hope you enjoyed the ongoings, because the end of the resto is coming! Cheers!!!
In DATSUN we Trust!