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Meeting in Portugal - February 2014 - Cartaxo
« : Helmikuu 10, 2014, 02:08:08 »
Hi folks.

Been a long time since I post something on the forum...I'll try to be mor regular.

Last weekend I went on a classic cars event near Lisbon.

I liked a lot because it's the familiar type, nice clubs, good people and cool cars.

When I entred I saw the Celica club and then 2 Datsun's for sale, an LB110 and a Sado. Both seemed good for a resto.

Then I found a guy that was a Datsun pilot on the 70's and as you can imagine, the stories and adventures extended for a long period...It was almost 21:00 when I left the fair and I was 200 km's far from home...

In the end, I bought his book with a special dedication and soon we will meet to change some photos and enjoy some more 70's adventures.

A nice and fun day...

Here are the photos specially for you!


In DATSUN we Trust!