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Hello form bahrain showing My Franky Trip‏‏‏
« : Heinäkuu 22, 2012, 14:48:31 »
The following shows a summary of our Franky Trip to Switzerland were we bought our 280ZX.

First a brief about me. My name is Fahad Eid Adam, born on 16-11-1978 in the Kingdom of Bahrain and I am specialized in the know-how of the structure of such type of cars "Nissan 280ZX".

I went to Switzerland with my friend Yousif Noor who decided to purchase a Nissan 280ZX.

My friend Yousif Noor was interested in buying the 280ZX, so he started to make a search on different websites and when he found his dream car on a Swiss website, he immediately called me in order to negotiate with the owner about the car.

I sent an email for the seller and I asked him to stop advertising the car in the website because we are going to visit him in Switzerland in order to check the car and if it was in a good condition we will finalise a deal and buy it.

Exchanged the money from Bahraini Dinar to Frank and Euro and we made the Chingen Visa.

Waiting our flight in Bahrain airport on 21-11-2010 at 2:20am.

Reached Zurich airport in Switzerland, and my friend Yousif is ready for the next trip to Bern by train.

I was ready too ;)

Leaving Zurich Airport (which is behind us) heading towards the train station (which is in front of us).

Waiting for the train.

On our way to Bern.

We reach to Bern, and it was really a wonderful place.

We are lost in finding the hotel :)

On 22-11-2010 at 12:33 in the second day after our arrival it was the onion festival day.

Every year in Bern market there is a one day onion festival. The festival was amazing and they serve very nice onion soup, yamiyami.

The Onion Market is located in the city center, with stalls concentrated in the area between the railroad station and the Bundesplatz.

On 22-11-2010 at 4:22pm, we met the car owner and I started to check the car, it was clean and in good condition.

This picture shows the car owner with Yousif. I was honoured to meet an owner like him,

he was very kind and transferred the car to my name without any down-payment and he told us that we can pay him later.

Went to the NISSAN Dealer in Bern in order to buy parts for the 280ZX

We came back to onion market and we took same extra pictures.

In 23-11-2010 we paid the owner his money and made the test drive. The car was amazing and comfortable while driving.

Yousif checked the viscosity oil and the radiator water.

Car is ready for the Franky trip from Switzerland to Belgium.

This was the route map that we had to drive the car from Bern to Brussels.

I called the family that we planned to live with them in Brussels for three days, and they welcomed us.

On 24-11-2010 at 06:00am early morning Yousif and I waiting the car owner in-order to receive the 280ZX.

In Basel or Weil am Rhein in Germany, and at the back of me Germany Border.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ready to go from Basel or Weil am Rhein in Germany to Belgaum.


No we were not ready yet to go as Yousif needed to take same extra pictures.

I don’t think he is happy.

Now he is happy.

The fuel cost was 1.60 Euro per litter its mean every litter cost us 800 files.

Here we are in Germany (Autobahn) road and France is on the left side.

Black line which is shown in the navigator is representing the borders between Germany and France.

(Autobahn) road is the fastest road in the world, there is no limit speed in Autobahn

We reached another petrol station to fill the petrol tank and to pray Maghreb and Isha.

After that we couldn’t take extra photo because it was night so dark.

In 25-11-2010 morning we took the same picture behind my friend family house.

on 24-11-2010 at 11:55 pm we reached to my friends house in Belgium and they treated us will and made Halal dinner for us.
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Re: Hello form bahrain showing Franky trip‏‏‏
« Vastaus #1 : Heinäkuu 22, 2012, 15:12:07 »

Snow above the front window, Yousif is freezing.

This is the family warm house its really beautiful house.

Yousif took more picture of me during driving the car to Antwerpen.

Reached the shipment office in Antwerpen in the afternoon, and I had all the car documents in-order to ship the car to Bahrain.

Took the car behind the shipment yard and the car was ready to be shipped.

By the way the family gave us their car to come back to Bresils, as you can see the Opel at the back of 280ZX. They were soo kind

I removed the number plate to put the car in the container.

We came back by the Opel and on our way back the traffic was stuck

and the reason was unknown (there was even no accident!). We were stuck for more than 3 hours!!

On 26-11-2010 we went to Nissan dealer in Belgium to find some parts for 280ZX but we didn’t find any part there.

During the evening the family took us to the Christmas market.

Yousif liked the apples but he was shy to eat it in front of us. We took one picture to remember (apple man).

27-11-2010 early morning we were ready to return back to the Kingdom of BAHRAIN.

The family prepared Breakfast for us, they were so kind.

Yousif likes the snow and he took last moment pictures during the last day in Belgaum.

Apple man likes snowball, and also he like to annoy me ;)

In Brussels Airport, we felt so sad because we are going to leave Belgium.

Car arrived to Bahrain shipping port on 30-12-2010 night,

and we went on 4-1-2011 to receive the car from the port. The car inside the container and it was sealed.

Here we are watching the man breaking the Container Seal.

The car arrived in good condition without any damages.

This is the first drive for the Swiss 280ZX in Bahrain.

Thanks for watching our Franky Trip.

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Re: Hello form bahrain showing My Franky Trip‏‏‏
« Vastaus #2 : Heinäkuu 23, 2012, 09:42:17 »
Thats a nice Z!
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Re: Hello form bahrain showing My Franky Trip‏‏‏
« Vastaus #3 : Heinäkuu 25, 2012, 15:43:51 »
Thank you for your comment. :)

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Re: Hello form bahrain showing My Franky Trip‏‏‏
« Vastaus #4 : Syyskuu 03, 2012, 13:18:40 »
Congratulation! It seems to be in mint condition.
How much was price, if I allow to ask?  :)

BR, Mika

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Re: Hello form bahrain showing My Franky Trip‏‏‏
« Vastaus #5 : Syyskuu 26, 2012, 13:38:14 »
It was 7000 Swiss Frank