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Portugal Meeting - 26 and 27 May 2012-Nisaclássic
« : Toukokuu 30, 2012, 20:58:17 »
Last Weekend for the 4th time, I made the classic meeting!

It was a nice weekend with nice people and nice cars...specially Datsun...

In total there were 23 cars.

The Datsun's were the 1200's, SSS and 240Z...

I made a great program, with breakfast at a bakery, a visit to a water powerplant, then a lunch with tradicional food.
After lunch we sail in river Tejo in Spain, then saw a interpretation center, and returned to Portugal for dinner. After it, we heard "fados", traditional portuguese music...

It was awesome!!!

Nest year it will be the fifth and every year is getting better!

Let's see the pictures...hope you like it!!!

Kind Regards

Pequeno-almoço na padaria...


Water powerplant

Barragem da Póvoa...

Póvoa e Meadas...

Montalvão, Lunch

My parents on my 240z...nice it a lot!!!

Spain, Cedillo

Tejo river boat trip...

My parents again...

Cedillo, interpretation center

Back to Portugal...

Fados (popular portuguese music)

In DATSUN we Trust!