Kirjoittaja Aihe: 1st meeting - Vilar dos Prazeres -Portugal- 3-7-11  (Luettu 23231 kertaa)

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1st meeting - Vilar dos Prazeres -Portugal- 3-7-11
« : Heinäkuu 05, 2011, 04:03:55 »
Hi Friends!

Last weekend I went on a meeting, near Fátima, more concretely in Ourém-Vila dos Prazeres!
We visited a cave, Ourém Medieval Castle and places where food ant tipical products are presented to try!
It was a funny Sunday!
Under 34 degrees, and a wind that went to rain at night, the meeting was very nice.
I found a Datsun B210, 180B, 1200 Pick-up, 1200, Toyota ke 20 and a mazda 818 coupé!
Their states were as new!
The pick um had only 80.000 km’s, nad had only 2 owners! The old man used it just to make some distribution on the area, then he bought a Diesel Datsun and now just make about 100 km’s per year!
The 210 and 180B came from Canada! The b210 has a a14 engine with 4 gears! Very clean and just maintained, never restored! The same happened with the 180B!
The Mazda, uau…I never saw a resto on a mazda like this one! The car is completely new! It was from his father and when the guy took the driving card started to restore it, until next year!
You should hear that motor…magnificent!
And the Ke20, is from a friend of mine…same owner and never restored!!!

Now I let you with some pictures! Hope you enjoy them!
I inserted some pictures with no cars, only landscapes and cave photos! OK!

First the japanese ones…Datsun 1200, b210, 180B, Mazda 818 coupé, Toyota ke 20…

The meeting…

In DATSUN we Trust!

Poissa Pastori

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Re: 1st meeting - Vilar dos Prazeres -Portugal- 3-7-11
« Vastaus #1 : Elokuu 01, 2011, 20:15:50 »
Nice pictures and nice cars!
(B310 150Y -81, N10 150A -82, 330 220C -79), S30 240Z -72, 430 280C, Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI -00, VW Transporter -98