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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #30 : Marraskuu 15, 2008, 15:11:25 »
And now some of my friends 1200!

This car is like mine, the yellow is almost like the original...
this site were the 2 pictures were taken is a portuguese well known classic cars site! Try it! All my friends have their virtual garage there!!

This is a trophy car...pretty coll!!!

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In DATSUN we Trust!

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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #31 : Marraskuu 16, 2008, 19:47:14 »

mikko1200: You are right! This is not for 1200 deluxe!
But in Portugal, there were 3 models with this symbol, the 1200 S1, the 1200 Rally and the 1200 SSS (much rare), those used this symbol on the top grill on the right of the big D!
And there is also an explanation!
In the world there were 3 countries that build the car, Japan, USA and Portugal (there were more countries, but just to make parts together)! The limited versions like the previous ones, brought this badge!
And the American version, it had more symbols, on the side back (left and right) all said Datsun, and the grill one like this and the big D!
The Japanese, that is mine, only brought The big D...and the Portuguese, made in Movauto brought this badge too! With one exception, the S1 only had this one, and the rally both!

I want this badge on my car for a better styling!  You will see... It's pretty cool, but at any moment  can retire it!

Haven't you ever seen one grill with it?

Thanks for asking! You certainly are a big fan of 1200!!! This is a porminor!!!  But that makes a big difference!!!

Ok, thanks for the answer. I have seen german Datsun 1200 brochures and in Germany they didn't have that big D in the middle but only that "Datsun" badge.
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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #32 : Marraskuu 25, 2008, 01:21:45 »
Hi There!

Here are the photos from when it came from the painting Job!
Its so beautiful!!! I love the colour and everything! That’s the original paintig code and reference!
Are there some 1200’s with this colour in your contry?
Soon it will be on the road again!
Now the rest of the restoration begins…with so many parts to put on I don’t even now where to start!!!

Meanwhile I got married, and here is a Picture of the car that taked me to the altar!!!
Pretty cool isn’t it?

It’s from a friend, quite original too…It’s a car that doesn´t matter the colour…but this kind of blue is cool!

Here is the photo from my wedding day!!!

Back to my Datsun, Here is the result!!!

How it looks????

The back...

General view...

Detailed Picture...

Side view...

And inside Mr. Vitorino’s garage...

The steering column is almost ready…it has been cleaned and is now prepared to be painted.

And the stabilizer bar and supports being painted…

What bandage should I put in your opinion? Or simply let him like it is?
In Portugal the bandage was an option…That’s why I don’t’t mind not to put nothing on it…There were 3 different types, and these were the ones that could fit 1200!

Then we cleaned all the master cilinder, from brakes and clutch! Almost new!!!

Where they belong...
There is missing the springs around the glasses of oil, they are now on metalization process along with some other parts.

And a general view!!!

The suspension member painted and on its place....

The stabilizer bar and tie rods already apllied...
Stearing column treated as well…

Some little porminors...the rubbers...

And the front of the car black as the original!!!

New headlights....

Then I found in na old stock shop these Tokico shocks!!! Hope they’ll be good!

The brakes tubes...

More rubbers, one for the chromes arund lights and the other for the ventilation!

And a little bag with some plastic items. They are for the doors, to hold the interior carpet of the doors!

And that’s all for today!

Thank You
Best Regards
In DATSUN we Trust!

Poissa Datsunbat

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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #33 : Joulukuu 23, 2008, 16:40:55 »
Hi everybody!

I couldn’t update the topic because of my Job! I hadn’t time to do it!
But to reward you, I’ve here some of the most brilliant photos and restored parts that Mr. Vitorino made! Its pure art!
This time we treated the suspension, brake system and many other details that you’ll see!


Here is Mr. Vitorino...

Brake pump...


And then after a restoration...pretty new!

The brake discs, I opt to put a Brembo. Give me your opinion…

All the suspension was a mess, but lucky, just dust and mud......

No rust in here too...only mud!

Then we had to clean all the parts...and a lot of time was taken, but with a good purpose…the final will be just brand new!!!

The suspensions we’re oil, but I will put recheargeble, because in my country there are a few people restoring it! But it was cheaper then the ones that I bought!

O Sr. Vitorino working...

And as they wait to fito n oits place, we were working on some other parts......

The left side brake pump and sspension!

The brake resguard...

Even the brake disc looks terrible, but no, I’ll send it to restoration, maybe I can use it on another 1200!

The suspension was covered with rust, and many ,any duts and gravel...This one was worst than the previous one!

The spring...

Then the painture came...

And this littl glass was recovered today too...

Then the mechanical task became! I’ve learnt a lot ...since the lubrification until the tightening of some parts!

The brake disc on its place...

The final tightening...

Then the glass with some oil components...

And now magic...the final result...

On the car...

Right side...

Left side...

And a general view of the car...

And I put myself the gasoline tank...

And for the stabilizer, I’ll put these rubbers; they need to be cutted of to make the same level as the older ones...

Now the last photo for today...can you imagine what it will be doing next post???

The main axle painted and ready to fit the gear box...

Ignition protection...

And the nice A12...

And now, some more cleanings, the fan, the fuel pump and many many other parts...



Fuek pump…



In DATSUN we Trust!

Poissa Ruhvi

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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #34 : Joulukuu 23, 2008, 22:04:35 »
Nice work!  :) wish we had here also so non rusty cars like yours  ;)
Micra K10

Paikalla Tero-75

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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #35 : Joulukuu 24, 2008, 01:34:29 »
I wish we all had more "Mr. Vitorinos" ;)
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Re: 100%  B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #36 : Joulukuu 26, 2009, 01:30:33 »
nice work! this 1200 is very pretty! :)
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Re: 100% B110 restoration project
« Vastaus #37 : Tammikuu 28, 2010, 15:15:08 »
Excellent work! This was the one I was talkin' about in my other post just a few minutes ago! I saw your blog a few weeks back and was absolutely stunned by the level of your restoration. Simply awesome.  Ahh.. that blue one in one of your pictures brings memories: my mom had one in the same color when I was a child. But there was a funny reason for me not liking that car so much those days: near my home there was a nice hump on the local road, and my dad used to jump any car on it. He'd jump a 100A (cherry), he'd jump a heavy Dodge Aspen, a Bluebird.. just about anything would jump on that hump (nice rhyme..) apart from the b110. And I hated it because it just would jump.. otherwise I quite liked it but then I fell in love with the mustard color 100A my mom got after the b110..  :)
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