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« : Heinäkuu 05, 2005, 22:28:44 »
Dear Z Club Presidents and Fellow Z citizens!

As you may remember, sometimes early January I have approached you with my
idea of introducing an Internet based European Z Club platform a that
would link us together beyond language and distance barriers.  In spite of
the fact we are using great number of different “dialects” …since Babel’s
time ….. we still thinking about the same number 1 subject and anguishing
by the same Z bug infection.

We are everywhere …all over Europe without knowing each other, without
helping each other, without a platform where we would be able to share
information, adventures, experiences, ask for some help or  invite each
other for a locally organised event..

After this confusion and uncertainty, I have been wondering about a common
solution that would bring the European Z community little bit closer and
provides with an opportunity for thinking together, planning and
publishing international Z relations.

In the last three and four months I have been developed a solution that
would brake down  these barriers. I’ve put down a foundation of the common
information centre platform, the Eu Z Club-net site.

With the help of  French Z Club president Sean Dézart and Thomas Maier
from Austria who provided local information I developed the prototype site
that is up and operational and accessible via our site
( clicking on the EU FLAG.

The site is consisting of two main sections. One structure ….Events, News,
other Z related subjects that are common for every Z fellow and visitor,
…and one separate national page structure with national club Introduction,
local Event and New sections.

Naturally I have the necessary .com domain available, but the publication
and the completion of the whole project depend on the contribution of the
local Z fellowships.

While work continues on the prototype Eu Z Club-net site, it will only be
accessible via (CLICK on the EU FLAG), and will not be
promoted to an independent URL until it is (half) fully operational.

So what I would need for the further development …. three different things
for the national section …

1. Introduction about the Z club …..
2. News ….  they would be little two three line infos on interesting
(local) stuff what you want to share with the eu community.
3. Event ….  the yearly event plan is coming into this section …. than
later, ….after the happenings.. some 10-15 lines about the events …about
the programs, excitements,. fun you were having…. and lot of pictures ….as
you see

Naturally you could submit international news and event information and
invitations (if you want) for the whole community … Pease have a look at
on the site that would provide with more examples ( and
click on the EU FLAG)

So the time is clicking…. the platform is given …..the completion is in
you hand !!!!!

I hope you would not find my questions too inconvenient and would you be
able to find some time for supporting our common site building efforts..

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question or suggestion.

With kind regards

Sándor (Szikszai)
Z Boss for Hungary
Kerhotoiminnan eläkeläinen
Suzukit GR650 & VX800, 924-Possu, MB-230CE, Optima